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Equitizing Opportunity

SpringSchooling was created by a group of high-school students passionate about improving education equity.



Students' schools are stressful. Many students in privileged communities have access to support systems in helping them with this problem. Underprivileged communities, however, lack such systems. 

SpringSchooling aims to help limit student stress, one student at a time.


student health

To help address student mental health in schools, we are focused on making student experiences in schools better, easing stress.

Academic success

Alongside our goal of improving student mindsets, we are dedicated to helping improve students academic performance.

Alternative support

Due to the fact that student support systems are critical to student wellbeing and success, we stay committed to offering monetary support to clients.


Below is a bit of information of organizations we directly helped, institutions we contacted and have partnered with, and contacts in our network of organizations we aspire to aid.


Organization protecting the rights and lives of every child and adolescent, everywhere. We worked with them to financially support students.


National organization to protect unaccompanied/migrant children. We managed webinars, classes, and mental support for their clients.

Bronx Community

Foundation dedicated to supporting and investing in Bronxites to reduce inequity. We helped further their goal empowering Bronx children. 

National Honor Soc.

National organization with high school chapters for driven, caring students. We worked with a chapter to find our mentors.

Project Venda

Indian organization dedicated. to protecting students from city drug cartels and protecting youth. We offered mental support to these brave kids.

Community NJ Assn.

The NJ CNA runs community networks for various counties of NJ. We work to stay connected to marginalized areas of NJ.

Fourth Wave Fdn.

Foundation in India focused on using alternative ways to protect youth drug abuse. We worked with them to mentally support students.

Abbott House

This agency protects children lacking familial support systems and victims of trauma. We used our mentos to offer mindset and academic support to them.

Tennessee Kids

Tennessee Kids Belong, a chapter of America's Kids Belong, protects disadvantaged children. We partnered to increase our avenues of impact.